I'm primarily focused on running my miniature tech strategy consultancy Oikoa. On the side I'm also working on The Finnish Center for Safe AI as a founder, and am on the board of Effective Altruism Finland.

Best description for my current work is hands-on advisor. I help my clients drive strategic projects and new initiatives. I strive to empower my colleagues’ impact and improve their organisational capabilities. Being in a role where I can work on both strategy and implementation seems to fit my broad curiosity and desire to improve things quite well!

The recurring theme in my work is how to scale and get the most value out of code and data operations. I mostly work with large organisations. Some specific challenges I'm currently most interested in are:

  • Data user experience & data usability. Scaling data operations beyond a certain point requires a change in attitude; a shift from plain engineering towards service- & product-oriented thinking. I've helped several of the largest organisations in the Nordics change their data landscape from arduous to manageable and even occasionally delightful.
  • Team and organisational structures. How teams are structured and how they coordinate needs continuous improvement, even more so as work gets increasingly complex and organisations larger. I've helped executives both streamline and redesign technical organisations to improve internal alignment and mission clarity.
  • Reducing uncertainty through measurement and experimentation. Anything can be measured, everything should not be measured — and you should mostly measure what matters.
  • Transformative effects of AI on organisations. Large organisations are not usually good at change. Not because they can't, but because the environment is so complex and changing systems like that is hard. Current advances in AI bring many potential benefits to those organisations that can adapt.

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